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Mind Your Loaf

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Comedian Jason Byrne has been a long time advocate of mental health in Ireland. He found that exercise, meditation and breathing exercises had a positive effect on his own well being. When he went looking for more information he discovered that despite a public rise in interest in the area of mental health, there wasn’t exactly an abundance of places to go for help. So in attempt to learn more and to share what he learned with his fans he made that very 21st century of moves and started his own podcast. It was a huge success and with his co-host Mar he managed to deliver 3 series of the Mind Your Loaf podcast during lockdown. Now, almost a year and a half after the first lockdown the subject of mental health is once again at the forefront. But once again Jason found the support just isn’t there. On a government level we have a health service that has understandably been concentrating on other things. Which has left everyone including our frontline workers with very little options.

Which brings us to the Mind Your Loaf Live Stream Event on July 3rd. Upon discovering a lack of support Jason had the same thought as last time. We might as well do it ourselves. So he has called on all the contacts he made during the production of his podcast. Mental health experts, keynote speakers, authors and a few old friends including Sinéad Quinlan. Sinéad is comedian from Cork and is a qualified social worker. SHe worked for The Simon Community in Cork for 5 years. Sinéad will be Jason's co-host on the day. The Mind Your Loaf team has put together a unique event combining discussions about meditation, psychotherapy, exercise, diet and above all entertainment and laughter. Everyone is welcome particularly people on their own. Hop on and join in and learn to heal and laugh together.

Tickets for the event are €25 including VAT and are available from www.mindyourloaf.com.

Guests include, Pat Divilly, Claire Walsh, Philly McMahon, Coach John Kavanagh, Louize

Carroll, Gavin Oattes, Sarah Knight and Bernard O’Shea.

This Event takes place on Live on Saturday July 3rd at 10am. The event runs for 3 hours finishing at 1pm. If you cannot make it for the live event don't worry. All ticket holders will be given the option of a free catch up ticket. This will allow you to watch the event at anytime between approx 6pm on Saturday 3rd July and 6pm on Saturday 10th July.

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